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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I have been saving bottle caps and finally decided what to do with them! Make jewelry! I make glass beads and wanted to do something different with them, so I decided to incorporate these bottle cap charms I have been making. I have a few different things that I am doing with them, but here is my first endeavor. I also make cute trinket boxes to match each piece of jewelry, although you can't see the one that goes with this necklace very well. But you can see the top of another round box that also has a necklace inside.


  1. hi
    bottle caps?ohh is that what they make these altered jewellleries of hmm..be sure noone hurts by the sharp edges :0

  2. I use all sorts of found objects for my jewelry. I make sure that there is nothing that will cut or scratch the skin. I have been re-working old costume jewelry for some unique ideas...more to come on that!
    Xo, Suzi

  3. Fabulous art Suzi! Love the Does My Lipstick Make My Butt Look Big LOLOLOL! LOVE IT! xo Michele

  4. love your art, super beautiful!