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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Class Assignment

Yeah, this is one luscious grouping...but it is perishable, so I took a pic! We have to draw a section of this still life on illustration board. And I have not used colored pencils too much and we were told to lay the color down in strokes and then overlay more colors for the shades, shadows, dimension, light...UGH! I want to set mine on fire...It is so tedious and if the illustration were smaller, I would be fine with it...but this will take forever. And now my colors will not go over top the underneath colors....I guess you can tell what area I am working with. The only thing I like is my stems...
If anyone has any experience with colored pencils, I would love any advise. Actually, I think I will use my photo to do create a painting later on...hee hee!

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