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Thursday, January 7, 2010


I spent the last week and New Year with my friends in FL. I just flew in yesterday (and boy are my arms tired) sorry, for the sucky humor, I am on meds....Any way, I was starting to cough the night before while my girlfriend and I were sitting in her studio having our last gab fest before I headed up north. Well, yesterday morning I felt fine, just had this deep cough, but my ears lost it when the planes would go up and descend back down, so I knew I was coming down with something. It took over 2 hours to drive from the airport in the freezing and snowy weather at night and all I could do was make it to the Dr and drugstore before I even stepped foot in my house. I got so sick in those few hours that I felt like I was getting pneumonia, which I am very familiar with.

Turns out, I have a very serious upper respiratory virus that will last from 3-5 weeks, if I am lucky and it does not travel to my lungs or heart. Really serious and a little scary. My immune system is run down taking care of my Mom, going to school, etc. So I am not surprised I got sick, but this is ridiculous...The coughing is the worst, like pneumonia, and I got all kinds of meds for this crazy invader that has wrecked my system. All I want to do is sleep, of course now I am up coughing at 4am, so I thought I'd go through my emails and see what I had been missing while away. I am supposed to start classes next week and may have to sit this semester out. Total bummer....

I had all the flu shots, thank goodness, but there isn't a cure all for this. And I am on some med for the virus and if I get more symptoms and need antibiotics, this virus loves that because it will feed on the antibiotics and get worse. So, I really need to adhere to what I was told to do and pray...

Hope everyone is safe and healthy and take care of yourself in this crazy winter weather. Cause some wicked bug could come along and bite you right in the ass.


  1. awwe that's too bad...i am praying u get well soon.

  2. Sending lots of healing energy your way!! Hope you get better soon and in the meantime, take good care of yourself!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Ooo, i hope you are feeling better!