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Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Sketchbook

In my Drawing Class, we needed to get a sketchbook and keep it with us all the time and record our life, ideas, whatever. Great! I have wanted to start a sketchbook-journal-thing, I look at books and blogs with them and get so inspired, but when I attempt to start one, the blank page intimidates me...
Well, here are the first two spreads...had to be in pencil with marker, if we so chose...obviously I did add marker to mine...no color. Can't wait to add color!!!
The dog is Scooter, my Mom's son ...
The male image is just that...the words are from a song...I have been in a down mode but on my way out and into the new...and that is what that represents.


  1. Love your sketchbook Suzi!! Your images will look great with color even though I like them now!! I love working in my journal!!

  2. Thanks! I will be adding all sorts of things...it is really fun.