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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Honored at School Banquet

I am still stunned! Last Friday evening, I was invited to attend the West Virginia University at Parkersburg Student Award Banquet because I was an honoree!!! Well, I saved that letter! And went to the banquet not knowing what I did to get an award. The awards were presented to students for the academic year for their achievements and help in the community.
My Graphic Design instructor presented me with the Journalism Eye for Design Award! She also stated to the room full of people and honorees that I had not been in school for 30 years and let go from my sculpting job due to foreign importing and that I caught on and was so deserving of this award! Bless you, Tori!
Gosh! I needed that. Sometimes I wonder if I am being selfish returning to school. I am turning 50 on Memorial Day, and want to continue to get my Bachelor's and maybe even a Master's Degree in fine art. I know what I want to be when I grow up, it took 50 years to find this mystery out, I want to be an artist and teach art! (Of course the artist gig was always there!) I want to see students grow and develop their skills and move them to be creative souls that nurture each other and give the world beauty. It will probably take 2 years to get the Bachelor's Degree, I already have my Associates. I am having too much fun with school and it makes me feel guilty....Maybe losing my job was a blessing, but paying the bills is pure hell at this point. I feel like the juggler at a carnival...what can I pay this week! I have no other skills than art, I was fortunate to always work in my field. I feel very scared and also ready for the journey into the unknown!!! Ugh! If I think about it too long, I get sick in my stomach...


  1. Hi Suzi, I just wanted to let you know that your posting really resonated with me today. I'm 37 and just lost my job, the difference is I've already done the academic route and now have no idea what i want to do anymore. I know it's hard, but keep the faith and hold on to the things that are bringing you joy and meaning. I know that art provides food for your soul! Take care!

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  3. I can relate to how you are feeling. I just graduated college and am having a hell of a time trying to find a job so I focus mostly on selling my art and getting my name out there. Since it feels like fun and not work, I constantly feel guilty..and the pressures of the bills racking up dont help either. YOU ARE NOT SELFISH. Do what you gotta do girl and try to let the rest go. It will be worth it. Best wishes :)

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  5. First, CONGRATULATIONS! That is an amazing honor! You deserve it! You should frame the letter to remind you that you are fabulous; especially on days when you feel less than spectacular!

    Secondly, I LOVE the kissing dog widget. LOVE It! I am adding it to my blog for the weekend!

  6. Thanks for all the positive words!!!