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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Magic of Angels

We do not speak the Language of Angels,
We do not see through their eyes.
Where we see the Impossible
They see the Miraculous.
Where we see the Unlovable,
They see an Opportunity to Love.
I love Angels and have collected Angels and Angel "things" for years! This verse is very powerful and I wanted to share it. My little painting is on a thin piece of wood I bought at the craft store. Her halo is torn bible pages that I painted over. I used some gold paint for highlighting her hair, wings, and halo.


  1. She is just beautiful! I love her feathers which also look like leaves to me. :) Silke

  2. Oh, to only speak the language of angels...I adore them. She is stunning.

  3. You all are angels for leaving such lovely comments!
    Xo, SuZi

  4. Suzi, she is beautiful. Great you have written about the language of the
    Angels. They are so special. I a sure your angel is sharing your joy.

  5. Love the verse , love the painting too.