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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angel Message

We need help sometimes saying yes
to the shoulds and no to the should nots.
We need help sometimes saying no
to the good and yes to the best.
Angels help us.
And though they whisper in our ears,
it is up to us to make the choice.
-author unknown

This is my latest painting. I just finished her and thought I'd post her with a powerful message. I have to paint two pieces for my acrylic painting class this week. One could be subject of choice, and the other must be one of a dog. So, this is my subject of choice, since I am all about angels. I have been collecting them for years.
We are supposed to use texture and just have fun, experiment and play with the medium. This angel is on an 8" x 10" canvas board. I thought she would go well the other angel I posted a few days ago! I got two beautiful matching frames with gold in them...and they really make the paintings. I just bought a fabulous garden statue of a cherub that is pretty big and distressed. It is in my house, not outside!!! It will look great on a distressed piece of furniture in my home with the angels framed and on the wall above it. I will have to take a pic of that and post it!


  1. Absolutely take a pic when you get your pictures hung and your angel in place. Your angel is beautiful-love the texture and the blue really sets the whole piece off!

  2. Your angel is gorgeous - I love the texture! And really like the red of the background and blue of the gown. Can't wait to see the picture of your paintings framed! :) Silke

  3. The texture is lovely and the colours beautiful - love the deep red/brown background - the texture is my fave tho. Cheers Val

  4. Very beautiful...a new favorite of mine.