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Monday, May 18, 2009

"I" is for Ivey and Her Hat

This little gal is named Ivey. She is dressed in her finest black and white polka dot attire. I believe she is meeting friends in the city for tea and sweet cakes!


  1. I love your newest hat lady. Congrats on your award from school. You are very lucky to be doing what you love even if it is a struggle. I love the cat picture too! Hee hee


  2. what great eyes,
    i love how bold and graphic this is

  3. I love polka dots and sweet cakes :) Ivey is wonderful!

  4. Lovely, Suzie, as always! Sometime it would be neat to see a photo collage of all these ladies on one page!

  5. Ivey is fabulous! Love those polka dots. She is super classy!

  6. I love polka dots! She reminds me of the vase heads that I once collected. I lost all but 1 in an unfortunate vaccuuming accident. Would love to see your finger paintings!