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Sunday, June 21, 2009

'Fish in the City'

This is a fish that I did my art magic to last summer. I am going to do the same this summer... so you understand my gibberish...
I did a series of paintings for Marietta, OH, Tourism..go way back on my posts and you will see the article... and me with blond hair, hey I was born blond... now my hairdresser only knows the color??? I am an artist who supposedly knows color and I can't figure it out!!! heehe...
Anyhoo...this was a series of Catfish for the city to decorate and have around town for all to view and of course I created mine for the Tourism Bureau of Marietta. OH, that I had worked with... and guess what... I will be doing another for this July catfish event...

This fish form , that is a taxidermy form, I painted to look like my 'Sex and the City' fav show gals!!! My brother and sis-in-law always said I was the "Carrie" character and I totally agree... fashion , friends, and men problems.... I have all the shows on DVD and I took my 83 year old Italian Mama to see the movie and we LovEd iT!!! She is a fan, too! A Totally cool woman who has survived 3 cancers, none related, thank GOD, rectal( Farrah Fawcett) and both breasts at the same time..a total winner in my eyes!!! Her physical life is hell... that is why I am with her as close as I can be and still work in my profession. She is my Best Friend!!!

Anyway I used fish net stockings on the leg form and I gave her pearl necklace (fake) teeth and huge red lips..like mine, my signature if you know me! Also, she has a wig of curls and false eyelashes!!! Too fun and a flipper for her foot.

And the best part...I had to buy her back...she is part of my home art gallery...by the way, she is sucking on her fav cocktail...Cosmopolitan.


  1. Bonjour Suzi!Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and for your sweet comments about my art! I too LOVE your art, very colorful and whimsical too! Come and visit again, I will too! Take care, LuLu

  2. This fish is Killing ME! Love it! By the way, I left a little something for you on my blog.. ;)

  3. Suzi... this fish is wonderful. I would want it in my own gallery, too.
    I know what you mean about your Mom. My mom is 92, lives with us and goes almost everywhere I go. It is a blessing to have our moms with us!

  4. SuZi,
    THAT is soo incredibly creative!

    and, somehow, it just looks like it fits!
    i mean, who would have thought!
    but - it looks like a ballet move, and just works beautifully!

    very poetic - you and your Mom.
    lovely to hear!


  5. Too cool for a school! haha LOVE love love the fish!!

  6. Suzi....
    I have given your blog the PREMIO MEME Award. Stop by my blog sometime to pick it up. (: