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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank You!!!

Thank you so much Julie-ann of Heavenleigh Art of for giving me this beautiful award. I am always so excited to be blessed to receive awards from my peers!!! It truly makes me feel that at least my blog has touched someone, and that is what this is all about for me. Now I am supposed to nominate eight blogs or more...and that is always the hard part, since I want to award everyone!!!

1: Folk Art by Campbell Jane

2: PJ's Talking

3: Vintage Palette Art

4: Blogger (Blogspot) - 365catladies

5: Love Is My Religion


7: Veronica Diago

8: Amariah Rauscher

Go and visit these wonderful blogs! And thank you again, Julie-ann.


  1. Congratulations on the award !! U really deserve that...Great blog you have..I never miss any of your post..

  2. Suzi !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!! I love your comments by the way. It feels to know your blog is been read and not ust lost in cyberspace. Thanks again for this award. What a surprise !

    Big hugs,


  3. Congrats :) Speaking of awards, I have decided to give you the watermelon award. Yay! lol, Please pass to 6 others. have a good day :)

  4. Thank you so much for this Suzi! You have a beautiful blog here with such lovely inspiring artwork and music. What a nice place to visit, I will certainly be back!

    Congratulations on your award as well!

    Michelle :)