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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Latest Class Assignment

Well, I think I finally stepped outside the box, actually for me, it is more like stepping out of the box and into The Emerald City (Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore, that Emerald City!). I always wanted to try to paint with color and just go with my gut feeling, but was afraid to go there, afraid of failing. By the reaction of my peers in class and my professor, I think I made a breakthrough!!!
First, I drew a simple shape of the dog's silhouette and then pasted old telephone pages over the shape. Next, I painted simple brush strokes with mars black and l loved the simplicity of it. I wish I had taken a picture. But, I thought I needed to add texture and color, since that is what my acrylic class is all about. Then... it just started to come together and I kept going until I felt it was finished. The final step was stamping "woof" on his belly area.


  1. You did a great job.

    Renee xoxo

  2. Wow Suzi, cute doggie! Oh bless!

    Have a great day!


  3. The times I feel like you with fear of to try new techniques and to destroy everything.
    Congratulations for the courage of trying and congratulations for the magnificent result.
    You are an example for me that with passion and talent everything is possible.
    Always proceed like this.

  4. What a great dog! I love this painting!! Wow! :) Silke

  5. Hi Suzi! I just discovered your blog & I love your art & all your inspirational messages, especially the Just Me post! Congrats for going back to school ~ it's never too late! Your dog painting is wonderful! I'll be checking back! Happy weekend ~ Jill

  6. Hi Suzi! What a darling painting of this precious doggie! Oh, I want to try that! I would love to paint my Bucky but I have not dared to try. You are so brave and it paid off!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Happy Weekend you all!!! Xo oX

  8. Magically things can happen when you step out of that box. I love it!

  9. Wonderful! I know it's not easy painting color in an abstract way like that! Great job!

  10. Hiya Suzi! , thanks for lovely comments on my blog, I am thrilled you found me because now I have found you!
    I love your beautiful art and i love your authenticity.
    I always say to people ,'it is hard to breathe without painting', kinda cool seeing that same thing written in your words!
    Cheers , Helen

  11. Thank you Helen! And thanks for all the encouragement from my fellow art-soul bloggers!
    Xo Ox, SuZi

  12. He is WONDERFUL!! I love what you have done with this dog.
    Stop by my blog this week, Suzi. I am having a give-away to celebrate my 100th blog post!
    Keep up the great work!!