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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Diva

Oh ...What a gal! This is my Diva Woman, my muse, my woman for all women. Yes, she has an A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E with her head cocked and that hair in some sort of beehive shape...not to mention her hands on those ample hips. And her chest could feed a nursery full of starving babies! She's got it all. She will be placed in my studio and I will put some of my jewelry on her, a lady can never have too much jewelry!
Anyhoo, I created this buxom gal in my ceramics class. I sculpted her in clay and after she dried out a bit, I hollowed her out so she would not explode in the kiln. Then I got to glaze her and I just went with it, flying by the seat of my muse. And I am really pleased with the play of colors. You really can't see how rich those colors are by my picture. Her side view was way too much so I just stuck with a front and back view!


  1. Love your Diva! Thank you for the award! So sweet!

  2. She's awesome!!! 'Hands on ample hips'...love it!

  3. She's wonderful! What fun you must have had creating her.

  4. She's truly an inspiring little woman.
    She just has an air about her that sais: Ain't I beautiful? and the answer is yes!

  5. ha brilliant! I love her1 I am starting a pottery class , beg July will have to see what comes out of that!
    Go muse!!

  6. I am glad you all like her! What fun she was to create. I must do more...
    Xo, SuZi