I am Strong. I am Not Perfect. I am Willing to Try. I am Open-Minded. I am Flawed. I am Loved. I am Full of Potential. I am Gifted. I am Not Believing the Hype. I am Facinating. I am Woman.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Bella Sinclair Award

My friend Silke @ Metamorphosis gave me this award! Thanks Sweetie! I am so honored to be getting all these awards lately, I must be doing something right. I love this blog community and whenever I feel lost or alone, (a lot of that lately)... I just visit you all and I am rejuvenated!!! Bless every one of you...

This award was created by Ces, in honor of her dear friend Bella to celebrate art, inspiration, friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. Please visit Ces' blog and read more about the award. This award is how I feel about all of you, you all deserve it! Thank you for being there and sharing the kinship!


  1. WHOOOoo! Good for YOU [*standing on my feet clapping my hands, very fast..but not in a retarded kind of way*].

  2. Glad you clarified that!!! I am a visual person!!!