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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mamma's Little Helper???...hummmm...

Caught Ya!!! That is my petite kitty, Goldie (I love her heavy brow), sitting on my sketch yesterday...thank gawd it was just a preliminary sketch or there would be kitty paw prints all over it. I am taking a break right now from the work and thought it would be fun to show this.
You can get a tiny glimpse of my home in the background, actually the fireplace wall in my living room. Gee, do you think I am a collector! I don't know whatever could have given you that idea! Among all of the fragments are pics of my nephew and Mom when she was a teen with her sisters. Italian Beauties, one and all.


  1. Nice background, I can't show mine till I straighten a bit...seems making things is so much more fun that cleaning. Have a great Sunday!!!

  2. Oh man, do I ever need to clean!!! Somehow, I keep finding better things to occupy my time.

  3. She's like. "Yeah, can I get back to you? Can't you see I'm busy?" lol-such a sweetie!

  4. Kitties' expression says: Is there a problem?

    I'm a collector too. I much prefer a wonderful clutter of treasured mementoes to a sterile, bare, 'perfect' scene. Your background is wonderful...but kitty is truly the star.

  5. Don't you just love feline help??