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Monday, July 13, 2009

My Driver's License...and more

Okay, where do I begin...??? I know I have not been posting much art but I have been busy creating web sites and some commissioned pieces that I so need!!!

But any-hoo, I did not realize my driver's license expired on my 50th. B-day, (the 25th. of May...Gemini Twin...(if one of us doesn't have it ...the other half does!!!).
So here is my story....Oh yeah, I flew to FL and no one checking my ID said anything...but wait till you try to buy a bottle of wine at WalMart...I was in the fast check-out lane..(and I am still apologizing to those behind me...another story), when the check-out cashier asked for my ID for the wine purchase...now come on folks, I am newly 50 yrs old and still getting asked for an ID, Give me a break!
Well... she called the manager, who was young enough to be my child, which I never had any (but that is beside the point), and he is sooo LOUD that I swear ( excuse the swearing, I am Catholic, God will punish me for it!!!) everyone in WalMart heard that my license had expired and he said I was committing a crime still driving around and could be arrested if they pulled me over...Okay, this little twirp started to get on my already frayed nerves...
Anyway..he said " WELL... she looks older than 21, if she looked younger, than we couldn't sell her the Shiraz".
Okay, now I am really insulted, you mean to tell me I don't look 21 anymore..that was worse than telling me I could go to jail for not renewing my driver's license...

The not so happy ending...I got my license renewed today and I hate the pic!!! Even the lady taking it said she liked me with the shorter hair...I had shorter hair and now it is just a few inches longer...
I need a cocktail. Care to join me...


  1. suzi,
    lucky duck! Nobody ever thinks I am younger than 50, in fact I have had people ask if my mom is my sister. ugh.


  2. All I know is that if you ever look any more gorgeous with your hair in your 'About Me' pic...I will literally flip-out!
    "Good Gawd Amighty"!!!

    SB will be 58 on the 22nd. She can run circles around any 30y/o woman.

    ..I bet that Pug to the right has one exhausted tongue by now...

  3. I would love to join you in a cocktail. Happy belated birthday. You really don't look near 50 unless you're really good with photoshop.

  4. Oh no!! Happy belated Birthday!! Did you get the wine??? Sounds like you need a glass of it!!

  5. I did get the wine! It is funny, I still think I am 20!!! And no photoshop on the pic, just good genes, and I'm not talkin' Levi's. My Mom is a beauty at almost 84.

  6. You are a beautiful 50. I bet under normal circumstances you would blush when asked for ID. You could always ditch the License and have another picture taken. I would enjoy to join you for a cocktail, anytime! Tony

  7. This cracked me up! I can just see the expression on your face as he's going oon about that.

    What a little twerp!

  8. Oh yeah... I wanted to run out of that store screaming...did you ever have one of those moments!!!

  9. Ha! Love the story! I think I would just be elated that I was carded! It reminds me of a few years ago we were on a family vacation at the beach and my son was swimming in the ocean and got a huge fishing hook through his toe, we rushed him to an emergency center where it was surgically removed. I was so stressed out that afterwards I went straight next door to Delchamps and bought a bottle of wine--I was carded (at 45) still in my swimsuit, no make up and covered with sand. What started out as the low light of the trip turned out to be the high light! ha ha

  10. Great story! I keep waiting for someone to notice that I kept my 50 yr old mug there on my renewal five years later and now four more. Don't think I will get away with it the next time, tho. I want to kiss the young fools who still card me!:-)
    Thanks for visiting my site and your kind comments, Suzi.