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Friday, July 24, 2009


Been playing with my digital camera more... I love this pic I took of myself..I was trying for a self portrait series and thought I would show just pieces of me. I made the image more electric with Photoshop. I have really green eyes with gold flecks that surround the pupils, it shows up nicely here. My lashes look a bit funky, though! Maybe I should have put on my make-up!


  1. Awesome! I see blue and purple in your iris too! Did you add that in photoshop or is that your eye? Pretty!!

  2. Wcked eyes! Keep experimenting, I really like your idea of doing various close ups. It's a nice change from the regular full face portraits most of us take.

    Suzi I am a terrible blogger! A few weeks ago you gave me the Premio award and I did see you mention it on my blog, but somehow forgot to come by and thank you! I thought I did, but my mind is mush these days.
    I really do appreciate you thinking of me though :-)

  3. Hey funny girl, good music in the background. OOOOH, I just got it.."Suzi" Q, HA!

    You're going to need some of my Bauch and Lomb eye drops in a few minutes. That pretty eye is going to go red very soon. Blinking is the other alternative...

  4. Hey Darla, I didn't add any color to the pic, but I did mess with the saturation scale.

    And Mr B, I knew you would dig my tunes.

  5. Suzi -- I love this! Makes me want to do my own portrait experimenting!
    For some reason when "susie q " started playing I had a flashback of us at the battle of the bands!

  6. really!
    this is you!

    wow...very nice, SuZi!