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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Friend and Me

This photo was taken by my Mom about 6 years ago. One of my BEST FRIENDS, Lynne with her Hubby (and me, with short hair) in her parents yard (my childhood home is 4 houses up the street)...we were on our way to our 25th. Reunion!!! Lynne and her wonderful hubby, Joey, came up to WV from FL (notice the gorgeous tans) for the party and we had a blast...as usual whenever we get together! It is so cool that we grew up there since we were babies, she was 9 months old at my first birthday party. I have pictures! And we would play together all the time and do art, usually coloring and drawing! We took oil painting classes while we were in grade school, from an old woman in our town that was a member of the art league. Then in high school, we were in class together and painting side by side again! We are like soul sisters, kindred spirits...we understand each other so completely, and whenever we are fortunate enough to spend some time with each other, it is as if time never passed.

I was just in FL creating a new website for her www.lynneparrish.com. Check it out, she is a truly gifted woman. I also got her to start a blog http://lynneparrish.blogspot.com/!!! She is new to this so stop by and give her your thoughts! You will love her.

We still looks the same, Lynne with that fabulous super short hair and me now with longer hair. I always change my hair, from really long to short, this was when I was growing it out, I had it as short as hers!!!

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