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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Vanity...

A girl can never have too many jewels and perfume! The Shalimar Perfume was a gift from my Dad to my Mom, she gave it to me! I cherish it. It is her fragrance, I remember that scent from my childhood, when she and Daddy would be going out dancing. When she would hug us goodbye, she smelled sooo good! Some things just stay with you, wonderful memories.
I am a jewelry and perfume freak! I collect vintage jewelry and costume pieces! If they are damaged, I add them to my one-of-a-kind jewelry makeovers! But if they are in good shape, I wear them,and I love to pile them on! I'm such a GirLie GiRl...!!!


  1. Jewels, perfume, diamonds, shoes, clothes. Girls can just not have too many! What is your favorite perfume? I may be old fashioned but my favorite is still Shalimar. Hope you're having a nice Sunday. Twyla

  2. I will have to sniff that Shalimar next time I am at the mall. I, too am a jewelry freak! Not the diamonds, (can't afford that) but costume jewelry--I wear it daily. With 2 daughters (19 and 21) we have an embarrassingly large stash of it. Also fancy flip flops, we all wear the same size and I think we have 50 pair between us-yikes!