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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is There A Doctor in the House???

Seriously...I took one hell of a tumble earlier...too much to do and not looking where I was going. Too many irons in the fire (ouch), too much on my plate (Geez, I am stuffed)...you get the idea!

My tiny home is also my studio...I have easels and canvases, sculptures...supplies all over. You can tell an artist lives here. But I have the coolest antique and primitive furnishings to house all this "artist stuff." Oh sorry, off track, I think it is the head injury I received....
Yeah, I was going along with some "artist stuff" in hand and next thing I knew.. I went down...on my hardwood floor ( they don't call them hard for nothin'), everything flew out of my hands and scattered. I was too stunned to cry...I tripped over a cord...leave it to me!

I have assessed my injuries...and they are growing and changing colors as I write...left big tootsie, left elbow and left side of my aching head! Now for the right side..knee cap is more like a ball than a cap, left forearm and yes my left butt cheek...I am seriously thinking about planting my ass in a huge bowl of ice...I can barely sit...


  1. I feel a lot as for your accident...and I imagine that it is hurting a lot and I esteem that you recover soon.
    Make rest and be careful.
    I will ask God for you.


  2. Thank you sweet Yasmin!
    Xo, SuZi

  3. Oh NO! I sure hope you feel better and please, please get checked out if the pain gets too rough.♥
    Hugs to you,

  4. Aww, let Blasé hold that bowl of ice for you.
    You're starting to worry me. And all of this happened 'inside' of the house. Goodness Gracious!

    I was going to "ask God for you", but I see Yasmin already beat me to it.

  5. whooaa... no way!
    SuzI! take care!

    sending healing vibes!

  6. Gosh Suzi, with all your injuries and you still have time to talk about your wonderful antique furnishings, you need to post some pics of your furniture now...Take care! :)

  7. Ouch...
    hope you feel better by now dear!
    I fell down recently in a public place...It was so embarassing- almost tore my pants off! the worst part was nobody came to help...sob-sob* ;)

    take care~

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your mishaps! I hope you have started feeling better by now.

  9. Oh, wow, that must have hurt and probably still does! I hope you are feeling better by now and that you didn't sustain any serious injuries... Take care!! Hugs, Silke

  10. Thanks you all! I am mending, but feel kinda stupid!

  11. hugs...be careful girl!!!!!!