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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ed's House

This was commissioned by a friend who did reconstructive work on this historic house in Marietta, OH. This lovely old house sits on the Muskegum River in Marietta, OH, and is simply gorgeous! The owners are a sweet couple that I had the pleasure of meeting, they did not know I was creating a house portrait for them. This is painted in a funky folk art style that I used for a series of paintings I did for Marietta, OH in 2008. Since I now have a reputation for this look, I thought it proper to use it here since they already enjoyed the art work I created for the city last year.


  1. I love this painting. It looks like such a wonderful old house.

  2. Thanks, I actually painted it in one day...wanted to get it to them!

  3. wow, SuZi - that turned out beautifully!
    i LOVE the funky-folk art style!

    the house itself
    looks strangely (beautifully!)
    photographic in some spots.

    perfection, Miss~