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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Heads Will Be Carved!

This pumpkin definitely doesn't like to hear that Pumpkins get "carved" for Halloween! No wonder he has a fear of knives...Yikes.
Gawd...my photography skills are really lacking with these characters, photos do not do them justice. But who said life was fair!
The form for this clay guy is a burned out light bulb! Yep! I am into recycling...my BulbHeads. I use the bulb for the base and use paper clay, Fimo or some type of mache. I love how the whole expression can change with just a touch of my finger or tool. Notice, the one tooth at the top of his mouth! He has glittery sparkles and sealed for protection. He is dressed in some fufu Halloween garb!


  1. How many Artists does it take to turn a Lightbulb?...I don't know, just thought it has the makings of a good joke.

    I'm amazed at the detail you give your sculpture's eyes. No matter the amount of mache..you can see into the filament/soul of a bulb, through its eyes.

  2. My Gawd, I think he's got it!!!

  3. Suziart, these lightbulb characters are so full of whimsy, I actually thought he was glass lampwork!!!

  4. He is wonderful! I love his whole expression!

  5. Hey soul sister! These are amazing, you are so talented! I wish I could do stuff like this.