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Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh! What Tangled Webs We Weave.......

It is still July, but I am thinking "spooks"... I am in the mood to do some sculpts for the Halloween Season, my characters are fun and easy for me to make. And it is time to start, since it will be here before I know it. Sometimes I know what I want to make...what expression,etc., but a lot of the time, my fingers and clay just have a mind of their own...and I just listen and follow. Like with this one...I love the ghost's little teeth.
This ghost is finished with acrylic paints and black glitter sprinkled on him for some fun sparkle. A protective clear coat is applied last to not only protect the work but to give it a nice high gloss and luster.
This spook is scared as much as I am of spiders!!! Even the ones with red lipstick...


  1. pssst, Suzi! Don't Move.


    SWAT/splat....Got It!

    ..here's a kleenex

  2. fyi...I do appreciate Art (and dogs and cats and flea markets and garage sales..) and you are very impressive with your talent. Ok, that's about as serious as you are going to get from me :)

    And don't worry about the 'splat' on the clay ghost...the acrylic paint will protect it.

  3. Very cute! Wow, everyone is into Halloween already~~I am still deep into summer.

  4. Blase! I am still laughing...

    Cris, I have to do seasons ahead of time for the markets. Sometimes it is Christmas year round...