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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid's Fest!!!

These are some of the pictures I could take during Kid's Fest at the City Park today! I was in charge of the painting pavilion! And it got jammed!!! But we all had fun and my fingers look like I have been working on a car transmission...the paint will not come out...For some reason,I ended up with paint on my face, hands, arms, hair...and my artist's apron was a lifesaver, really a clothes saver.
It was a rainy day here, in the Ohio Valley, but no one cared! And I wanted one of those paper hats, but never was able to go and get one made for me..don't those hat girls look darling! Hey, wait a minute, I need to continue painting my ladies and their hat series....


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Looks like the kids and adults had a great time... :) Silke

  2. Everyone did! Thanks, Silke, but I think I had the most fun!!!