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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Booby Trap Smasher

I should have had a mammogram ( boob smasher) in December, but I was busy with classes and finals...and just figured I would get it in January. Well, here it is almost August and now I really have to get it done. For the last few weeks, I have been having unusual pain with one of those puppies. Then the other night, I could not sleep from the pain.
My Mom has been after me to get one, she has had cancer in both breasts at the same time...not related, thank God, and not related to her rectal cancer 2 years before...she is a champ!
About 5 years ago I had found a small lump, and was actually in a hospital bed waiting for the surgery and when the Dr came in to 'mark the spot' before the biopsy, it had magically disappeared! So, I got sent home. I thought hey, maybe it was a lifesaver that I swallowed that had lost it's digestive way! It has never returned and the mammies have grammed well ever since...so I wasn't worried about getting it done, since every year, everything was normal. Now this pain has been recurring and is uncomfortable...and tomorrow, I will have the mammogram.
I have not told my Mom any of this and she doesn't have a computer and "thank you very much" does not ever want one, so I know she will not be reading this, she is going to be 84 in a couple of weeks!...anyway, I am sure all is fine and just "growing pains." My Dad is a pretty good Guardian Angel...
The Lesson Today: Ladies...take the time, no matter how busy you think your life is...to get a regular mammogram.


  1. SuZi... best thoughts, sacred prayers for you. you're gonna do great. you are already healing.

    thinkin' about ya~

  2. How ironic that I just came home from the "girlie Doc" and read this. I'm sure everything will be fine. Maybe you have an infection in a gland or something. Or at your age it could just be a hormone surge. When in doubt, I tend to blame everything on hormones!

  3. Wishing the best for you and I hope you do get it checked out soon♥Darla

  4. ..and I do hope that YOU practice what you 'preach' to others (The Lesson Today).