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Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Nude ?!?

I love drawing classes. I love all art classes...but my most memorable was the first time I was ever in a class with a nude model. I was 18 and in school at West Virginia University... (go Mountaineers!)...

Of course, our instructor was always surprising us with different ways of approaching drawing, like the time we all had to stand and do a sort of chant thingy (I think it was supposed to open us up to the universe or something like that) and then she would say draw and we all would sit and draw whatever we would feel at that moment. Well, the one day I was a little late, we had an unexpected surprise! A male nude model. So, I come waltzing in and everyone is staring at me to see my reaction...me, totally clueless. I was just looking for a seat and table to crash at and when I looked up there was this totally naked guy facing me. I think I went totally white before every shade of red set in...

I immediately looked away and fumbled for my sketch pad and supplies, while my gal pal secretly laughed her ass off from across the room. I have never had a more uncomfortable day, this guy was some sort of yoga master and some of his positions were just way much more than I care to describe, who knew the body could contort to such positions! But, the best one was when he stood on his head... and gravity naturally took over...need I say more. And this guy kept facing me! This was a 4 hour class with breaks. And he could hold those positions forever. Actually, quite the feat!

But the most hilarious part was whenever we took breaks, he would put on his robe...loosely...and he would seek me out to have a conversation with. And all I could picture was the head stand...

School Daze Memories...I had many classes over the years with nude models and loved those classes. The human body is a masterpiece and every one is interesting...all shape, form, shadow, and light. It is a beautiful object to study, be it in clay, plaster, canvas, or paper. But I will always have fond memories of that first class. And smile!


  1. hahaha! OMG you gave me the biggest laugh of the week! I think if I were in an art class when I was 18, I too would be blushing :-)

  2. so, what you are insinuating is that his head was standing upside down.. while he was standing on his head??

  3. very visual posting, SuZi!
    good memories stay with us!
    (i'm pretty sure he remembers YOU, as well!)